Herbal Heat Packs

Soothe mind, body, and spirit. Melt away aches and pains with soft therapeutic warmth. Heat packs come in our signature herbal blend and a variety of sizes and colors.  Choose from Traveler's, Small, Medium, Large, and two options for children: the Calming Pillow and the Children's Heat Pack. There is a twelve piece minimum for wholesale orders, but can include assorted sizes. For example, your order may contain two traveler, two small, four medium, and four large heat packs.

Select a fabric set from our nine lines of assorted prints.

Four sizes available:

  • Travel/Isolation pack, 8 oz.

  • Small pack 4"x 12", 1 lb

  • Knee & Neck pack 5.5" x 17", 1.75 lbs

  • The Original 6.5"x 16.5", 2 lbs

Choose from our nine premium fabric collections: