Heat Pack

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How to use your heat pack: for the large and medium size heat pack simply place in a clean microwave, or microwave safe dish, and heat for no longer than 2 minutes. For small or travel size heat packs, heat  for 1 minute or less.  All microwaves are different so please test your microwave for accurate time and adjust as needed for desired heat temp.  Heat in the pack will last for about 45 minutes as it works with your body heat. If reheating is desired only heat for half the suggested time as pack will have retained much of its heat.

Store your heat pack in a ziplock for optimum freshness, even better store it in the freezer and have a ready cold pack when needed

Use cold: store your heat pack in the freezer in a secured plastic bag to retain freshness and use when cold therapy is needed. The soft fabrics and cooling effect will provide soothing therapy wish out the harsh cold and stiffness that come with traditional ice packs.  This chemical free pack is safe for all ages.

Eye Pillows

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Your eye pillow can be used however you like. Just simply take it out of the package, lay down and place gently over the eyes.  Relax breath deep and unwind.

Try chilled to reduce swollen puffy eyes and headaches or fevers

Try warm (20 seconds in the microwave is recommended, test your microwave slowly please in 5 second increments) and enjoy the infused aromas, also helps relieve dry eyes by drawing moisture to the eyelids.  

Pocket Pods


These hand held herbal infused pods are great for assisting us in relaxing and focusing on our breathing.

Whether it’s starting the day with a clear and refreshed mind, calming an over stimulated mind, or quelling anxiety from a stressful moment, these pods can go anywhere where with you.

Choose your perfect scent with our assortment of  custom herbal blends.


How do I know which scent to choose?

The eye pillows and pocket pods come with quite a few choices so which is right for you?

  • Lavender scent: lavender is the most commonly thought of herb for curing just about everything and it is incorporated in many of our scent choices. This is a solo scent and just simply lavender.  Most widely known for Relaxing the mind and helping one sleep.

  • Clarity scent: this combination of sacred desert sage and Rosemary helps jump start your day. Great for memory and alertness I recommend this pack for anyone who wants to jump start their day either to help you rise and shine with the snooze bar or after that early morning yoga class.  Also great for pre test taking as rosemary is revered for its ability to help with our memory.

  • Relaxing scent: the sweet smell of spearmint paired with the bold aroma of eucalyptus creat an amazing yang and yang of scent combinations that challenges your senses to find balance. This helps the mind relax which helps the body relax.  This pack is great anytime of day or night.

  • Calming & Peaceful Cub scent: our most popular scent, this one covers it all almost. This is our sweetest scent combination incorporating all the herbs that calm and comfort us.  This combination of lavender, rose and chamomile is just an aromatic dream that calms everyone.  It is our most popular scent among kids and so we created a whole line just for them.  This combination is sure to help rest the mind and lull you to sleep like a warm cup of tea.

  • Anxiety Free scent:  needs say more.  If you suffer from stress or anxiety or just find yourself in a situation that lends itself to stress or anxiety then this is the pack for you.  This is the strongest scent combination and really packs a punch.  With sacred desert sage, lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus there’s something for everyone and this really wakes up the mind and the senses and really encourages you to breath deep.  As you begin to breath in deep you will exhale deep and this simple function will help relax the mind and the nerves.  If sleeplessness is an issue do to ruminating thought this pack will really help you find some rest. Also great for moments of quite time, restorative work and therapeutic yoga.  Try the pocket Pod for the office or the car for those stressful moments.  

  • Headache Relief scent:  common amongst migraine sufferers is the knowledge that peppermint oil can dramatically reduce the pain of these intense headaches.  But peppermint oil is very strong and can be dangerous if miss handled or over applied, so I created an eye pillow version using dried peppermint leaf to assist in the relief of headaches while controlling the volume of the peppermint aroma.  My headache customers love this pillow and use it warm or chilled.


Do I need to add water when I heat my heat pack?  

No since these packs are made with dried herbs and seeds they will be ruined if you add water. They’re designed to be a dry heat.

Can I wash my heat pack/ Eye Pillow?

No. If you are concerned about keep the pack clean you can order an additional cover that can be removed and washed if you would like.

Are there different scent options in the heat pack?

No. This is a carefully curated blend of herbs designed to alleviate a variety of different aches and pains in the muscles, joints, and nerves.  If you are concerned about allergies please review the herb guide and comment on your order and I will do the best that I can to accommodate you.  

How long will my heat pack last?

The pack can last up to eight years if properly cared for.  

How long will my eye pillow last?  

Depending on what scent combination you choose they should last 1-2 years when properly cared for.

What is the best way to care for my eye pillow/ heat pack?  

The absolute best way is in a zip lock in the freezer.  I leave mine next to my bed.  The things you need to avoid is washing it, getting it wet, putting it in a dirty microwave, throwing it in the freezer unprotected from smells and spills, letting your dog play with it.  

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