Peace Dove

Peace Dove


Our peace doves were originally created as a holiday ornament for tree­, home or car, a great little thank you gift. Then I thought that a proceed of our peace dove should actually go toward an organization working for peace, and the buyer would be contributing to the organization and the receiver would be holding that symbol of peace. In November of 2015 as I was preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday Artisans show I decided that I needed to find that charity. The crisis in Paris had just occurred and the need for global peace was prevalent. After careful research I found a responsible affiliated charity and began my campaign to raise 6% of all sales to go toward the World Peace Alliance Organization. In the short season of Thanksgiving­ to New Years we raised $27 dollars through two gift shops and 2 trade shows. As we are kicking off the 2016 season with Memorial Day weekend we would like to raise more throughout the year. Give Peace a Chance by Giving the Gift of Peace!

2017 charity is the National Parks Foundation.  

Assorted scrap fabrics. Learn more about our herbs and combinations in our Herb Guide.

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