Herb Guide



Tiny Daisies grown for health purposes. Properties are smell relieves depression and encourages relaxation. Monasteries would grow raised beds of chamomile in the court yards and the monks would lay on the the raised bed to relieve depression. Chamomile was also used on floors so when it was walked on the aroma would fill the room. Therapeutic Properties: Anti­ Inflammatory, soothes nervous, and promotes sleep. Inhaled it eases both mind and body, relaxes emotions, muscles, and even brain waves. It also eases the emotional ups and downs of pms, menopause, and hyperactivity in children. It helps the pain of bruises, stiff joints, headaches, sore muscles, menstrual and digestive system cramping, as well as pain and swelling of sprains, and some allergic reactions.


Clear The Air. Eucalyptus is used to clear the air and dissolve disagreements in interpersonal conflicts. Therapeutic Properties: Increases brain wave activity and counters physical and mental fatigue. Carry with you on long trips for clarity and energy, or smell it to help you study and increase your energy.

ginger root.jpg

Ginger Root

Stimulates Circulation. Among the many benefits that ginger offers internally it has profound effects as a compress herb as well it stimulates circulation, relieves headaches, sore throat, and lung congestion. Rest on the neck and the aroma opens congestion in the sinuses, relieves nausea and motion sickness. When rested on the belly it relieves menstrual cramps and indigestion. Also relieves poor circulation and sore and cramped muscles.



The test of time, this amazing herb can do it all, ease exhaustion. insomnia, irritability, and depression. It also relieves muscle aches and pains, migraines, headaches, and inflammation.

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Lemon Verbena

Relax and Let go. Verbena uplifts and motivates one to action, relieves tiredness, overcome listlessness and apathy and help the brain to focus, and retain information. The lemony scent revitalizes the senses and wakes up ones interest in life. It is also a great herb to stave off day dreaming, thought to help release the past, lets go of nostalgia, and to be more present with the here and now. Therapeutic Properties: Releasing stress, anxiety, and nervous tension. And creates relaxation, harmony, and a sense of enthusiasm.

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Strengthening Chi. Mugwort has long been used in eastern medicine in acupuncture to help build the strengthen of chi. Therapeutic Properties: used to treat arthritis and inflammatory conditions in joints. It eases achy muscles and stiffness and brings increassed circulation to the affected area. It has a warming quality that seems to penetrate deep into the bones, and the scent seems to encircle you with the sense of security and protection.


Mullein Leaf

Locally found in the eastern United States


Peppermint Leaf

Energizing scent. In 1879 the British Medical Journal noted that the smelling of menthol relieves headaches and nerve pain. Therapeutic Properties: Strong mental and physical stimulant that can help one concentrate and stay awake and alert.




Love and Romance. Therapeutic Properties: Anti depressant, anti­-inflammatory, and calms the nervous system. The aroma helps with moodiness, pms, and menopausal mood swings.


Improves memory, clarity and remembrance. In the middle ages rosemary was used in wedding ceremonies in a headdress for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom. Rosemary is part of the mint family Ros meaning “dew” and Marinus “sea” “dew of the sea”. The medicinal properties of Rosemary relieves muscle pain, improves memory, and increases energy and circulation. It has been thought to awaken the senses and improve memory and clarity and is a great way to start the day.




Spearmint Leaf

Energizing Scent. Spearmint has similar properties to peppermint leaf in a milder version, it is used to relieve exhaustion, fever, headache, nausea, and vertigo.

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Valerian Root

To be strong or healthy. Therapeutic Properties: can be used as a mild sedative to calm stress related anxieties, nervousness, restlessness, and insomnia.

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White Sage

Purifying. Traditional smug sage of the Native Americans used for millions of years found in the high dessert of California. White desert sage is a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. In the Native American tradition White Sage was used forwarding off evil spirits and negative energies. Used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, banish spirits, and encourage protection.